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Tax Relief on Medical Expenses

What category of Health Expenses qualify for tax relief? Only health expenses incurred in the provision of ‘health care’ qualify for tax relief. What is ‘health care’? For the purpose of claiming tax relief ‘health care’ means prevention, diagnosis, alleviation or treatment of – an ailment an injury an infirmity a defect a disability and includes care received by a woman in respect of a pregnancy as well as routine maternity care. What are qualifying health expenses? Qualifying health expenses includes the following: – doctors’ and consultants’ fees diagnostic procedures carried

Hay Fever

Pollen season is well and truly here given the recent good weather. We've put together some helpful tips on how to prevent hayfever: Avoid cutting grass, playing or walking in grassy areas, and camping. Wear wraparound sunglasses to stop pollen getting in your eyes when you are outdoors. Change your clothes and take a shower after being outdoors to remove the pollen on your body. Try to stay indoors when the pollen count is high (over 50). Keep windows and doors shut in the house.

Sun Care

Using sunscreen alone is not enough to protect your skin from UV damage. Aim to follow the four steps of the SunSmart to get the best protection and check the UV Index daily. Visit Irish Cancer Society for more information. Step 1: Get some shade UV rays are usually at their strongest between 11am and 3pm in Ireland. Plan your day so that you know you will be able to go into the shade as much as possible between those times. This

Head Lice

Head lice are transmitted by close head-to-head contact with someone who has head lice. The lice cannot fly, jump or swim, but they can climb from one hair to another, this is why children are often affected. A head lice infestation is not the result of dirty hair or poor hygiene. Head lice can affect all types of hair irrespective of its condition and length. Head lice only affect humans and cannot be passed on to animals or be caught from