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Weight Management Services

McCrystal’s Pharmacy stock a wide range of weight management products

Welcome to the new YOU!

Losing weight with Nupo is effective, simple, fast and safe. It’s the perfect choice:

– quick results and no side effects which are scientifically documented over 20 years

– you can use the Nupo products as a single meal replacement during the day

– lose weight without giving up the good things in life

All of Nupo’s produts contain the necessary nutrients, protein, fibre and vitamins, to give you a feeling of fullness as you are not lacking anything. Nupo will provide you with 700 calories per day spread across 6 meals, eating regualrly in this manner will keep your blood sugars stable.

In order to lose weight  and maintain weight loss you must consume fewer calories than you burn. This requires a conscious and determined effort and you should seek support from friends and family.

The Nupo diet consisits of full diet replacemetn and consuming just 6 portions of Nupo. This demands willpower and motivation but is  the quickest method to achieve goals.

Alternatively you can eat up to a maximum of 10 ‘Blocks’ per day as seen in the Block Book: blue – protein, green – carbohydrate & red – fatty foods, sweet  foods and alcohol. For example, 50 grams of lean ham is equivalent to one blue block. In terms of calories alone, this is the same as six plums, which equals one green block, or three thin slices of chocolate, which equals one red block.



What is Celebrity Slim?
Celebrity Slim is a meal replacement program for weight management that can help anyone get in shape and stay that way. And it’s easy! On this program you simply replace 2 meals each day with our delicious Celebrity Slim shakes, soups or bars, eat one ‘normal’ balanced meal each day and snack on a variety of allowable foods between meals.

We in McCrystal’s Pharmacy sell the full range of Celebrity Slim products.

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